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Work Culture

For many years, we’ve had students & individuals from various parts of the world knock at our door to either get some sort of training, help or an internship.

Helping out others is a major part of who we are as a company, you could see more about that in detail in our humanity section.

While we tried to help out the people who knocked on our doors, we realized that there is a very huge gap from theory to practical experience.

Our Work Culture

Work Culture
  • Those who manage to get good training, don’t manage to get good internships to deploy the skills they had learnt. Or it’s the other way round, people who manage to get a good internship can’t afford to get good training. The main reason for this was that both training and internships were offered at a cost, often expensive. We decided to change that.

  • The junior developer program is a combination of training, mentorship and an internship combined together, which aims at producing developers who are upto the industry standards, across the world.

  • From the time of joining, the candidates are put through carefully planned training modules, which covers A-Z of everything that they would need to know. After the completion of their training modules, they are recruited as a Junior Developer in our company, provided with the opportunities of working in national and international projects, earning them some experience.

  • Most of the companies today don't trust their junior developers in real projects. Oftentimes, they are given menial & trivial tasks in projects, which is because interns / junior developers are only seen as free and unskilled labour, which is what icrewsystems is trying to change about this industry.

  • We believe in spotting opportunities and grabbing them. And we instill the same core values in our program, by circulating several opportunities for the young lads to make a mark for themselves.

  • Interesting Fact: During the course of the training, our team had developed www.covid19verifiedresources.in providing you with detailed and verified information about COVID. The noteworthy point of this project, it was brought to life in 7 days. Commendable right? Hold On!

  • We have one more, we have initiated the FeedThePoor project in collaboration with Roshini Charitable Trust with a blissful notion and motive of feeding and helping the underprivileged and the poor sections of the society. Join hands with us to make this event even more impactful.

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