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We believe, it's not us who bring a change in the lives of the employees, it's their hard work & their experience which they gain through live projects which help them sharpen their knife.

Let’s read what Apoorv has to say about his journey at icrewsystems

I was always passionate about software development. I had an early start at web development (as early as 8-9 years old) with a simple drag-and-drop builder in the late 2000s. This soon developed into a hobby and I created websites for many clubs and communities that I was a part of. I met Leonard via Virtual Aviation and I had a pretty similar trajectory of learning more and more technologies for virtual airlines and my own projects. I usually ended up developing something anytime when I was free.

Although I had worked on websites with similar technologies for quite some time, working with a team was a whole new experience to me. I learned about new tools, new styles of coding, and found many great friends as well. It was great to be a part of the community of like-minded people working on cutting-edge web experiences. With successive months of working at icrew, I also began to learn leadership qualities and coordination.

It has been a great experience and I am really very glad to have met the folks at icrewsystems. I look forward to being a part of this wonderful group of web artisans in the future as well!

Apoorv Paul

Apoorv Paul
IIT Jodhpur

Dhruv Bhatt

Dhruv Bhatt
Manipal Institute of Technology

Let’s read what Dhruv Bhatt has to say about his journey at icrewsystems

As a beginner, web development or learning to code at first can be a little intimidating given the number of resources that are available out there. It’s not unusual for a beginner to take months to finally grasp the concept and he/she may also come across certain methodologies that might delay the entire learning process. Excruciating right?

Coding is a skill that you master with time and it's important to stay patient when it comes to facing errors or being stuck on a bug for hours or even days together. Folks, it's quite normal and natural. But this realization came to me only when I joined icrewsystems as a full-stack intern.

The company fostered an ecosystem where the entire learning curve was tailor-made for beginners, to easily adapt it quickly as well as efficiently. The stupendous training course created by the developer’s team at ICrew specially for the interns along with the opportunity of being able to work on real-world projects facilitated a confidence level that went way beyond from just knowing how to code.

Let’s read what Dinesh has to say about his journey at icrewsystems

Making websites always fascinated me the most since childhood. So after my senior schooling, I decided to pursue my undergrad in computer science engineering from a university based in Chennai, India. Few semesters passed by and I was pretty confident that I knew everything about web development but it wasn't until I decided to start looking for internships.

Luckily I was selected as an intern for web development at icrewsystems soon I went into the induction program, training and with my senior mentors I realised the knowledge I had of web development does not really have an end to it. What I knew was so little. I learned a lot of new scripts and coding languages with icrewsystems. I must say and appreciate the inbuilt training modules on icrew has given me a clear pathway of education during my training period.

Having spent almost a year with icrewsystems it has been a huge learning experience for me working on real projects right from a few weeks after training has immensely helped me in improving my technical and soft skills most importantly now i’ve learn’t how to work as a team to make the dream work happen.

dinesh kumar

Dinesh Kumar
RMK Engineering College, Chennai

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