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With Coding, helping India donate stronger & fight hunger. An initiative by icrewsystems.


An initiative by icrewsystems

100% Open Source Software

We've kept the app OSS so that anyone has the liberty to take part in the development.

Problem Statement

A survey revealed that people are more empathetic to the poor, and are inclined to make a contribution via a donation. But, since there is no face to face interaction involved in online donation, the trust factor goes down significantly, and this overall discourages the person to donate large amount of money / any money at all.


Transparency! What if the donor is able to clearly see & track where their money is going? This will not only give the user a sense of trust, but it will also give a small sense of happiness to see who is getting benifitted out of their donation. The idea is to offer this solution to an NGO that is actively engaged in this type of work. More information on official website