The world's most advanced pilot resource center.

iCrew v4, is a platform that's built on top of a heavily customized version of phpvms. iCrew v4 is trusted by thousands of pilots across 50+ countires.

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Modern Design

The UI is designed in a way to give pilots what they want, in the most efficient manner.

Realistic Approach

All crew center was built in collaboration with pilots to maintain best standards of realism.

50+ modules

The modules are the true magic blocks that make flying more fun & interesting.

Some screenshots of iCrew v4 Premium

Last updated June, 2024
We'll let the numbers to the talking.
These numbers are periodically updated, directly from non-sensitive, statistical data provided by the Virtual Airline Analytics platform.
  • Known for quality, utility & versatility

  • Makes VA operations smooth with the help of robotic process automations

  • Loved by both staff & pilots

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