Reasons why the office I work at, is AMAZING beyond compare!

by Ayshwaria Grace
6 minutes
Reasons why the office I work at, is AMAZING beyond compare!

Hey folks! I’m glad you’re back here for another episode of reading what I ramble on and on about how great the company I work for is. "Great" is an understatement. it’s more like “awesome”.  icrewsystems is on its track to surpassing the word "awesome" and moving on to becoming "grandeur". The first step to becoming a grandeur establishment for ANY startup is launching into an office. Innit?

Our office is based in Porur, Chennai and our developers proudly call it “THE ARTISAN HOUSE”. Cool, isn’t it? ironically, that’s what we do. Coding is a thriving art. We make our client’s imaginations into a web world; a whole new realm. It wholly deserves to be called that; owing it to our artists giving their best, day in and day out.

                 (here's a super wide-angle shot of our "office" laptop that's in velvet red)

Unlike any other office that has fancy lights, hardwood desks and corner office rooms, we have something that no other office could possibly have: The Ambience (read that again, but in a french accent ;]) it stands as meaning to the words calm and collected. Don’t even get me started on the surroundings. we have a desks and chairs. Keeping it simple I would say. but what is interesting is that we set up a lounge; a very classy one. You can literally experience the work from home concept even when you’re not at home. Here's a picture from our early days, while we were setting up the place. Red for glam, green for calm.


Cherry and Classy isn’t it? who knew we’d find the pot of luck on the end of our rainbow. Every office has a munching counter. You know what I mean, the long coffee breaks of course. We instated a fully equipped kitchen to meet our munching needs.

Okay, you're probably wondering why I said "AMAZING", fancy couches, rugs, munching corners and super cozy bean bags. What else am I missing?

Oh, I forgot to mention, there's a huge lake right outside the porch!!! The best for the last as always. I never realised how magnificent a sunset can be until I stood there on the porch, awe struck. It was the perfect ending to anyone who would go home after a long day’s coding & debugging.

There's just something magnificent about looking at the colorful sky, and getting reminded that no matter how hard the day was, it's now time to unwind and relax, and since we're a startup, we make more rules to party! Guess what? Everytime we push a release to production, we celebrate with a Pizza Party :D



I’m person who’s been to my fair share of offices for internships and part time jobs. It was a toxic relationship with every single one of it. Let me explain why. I always loved doing the job, but hours and hours of sitting in an air-conditioned room isolated from day light. let’s talk about how it degenerates your physical health and the fact that it affects your mental well-being.

I know what I feels like to not know what’s happening out the windows next to your computer; is it still day? is it raining? has the sun finally started to crumble like a cookie and the apocalypse is finally happening? you’d miss the apocalypse because you got stuck doing the excel report you promised your boss that will be on his desk by the end of the day. Really? is that the story you want to tell your kids when they ask you about the day the earth stood still? No! YOU deserve better.

You are entitled to much more when you join us. Our motto is “work hard, party harder”. We put that in action every single day. If you don’t take my words for it, why don’t you come down to the office one day and see it yourself? Also prepared to be blown away. Here’s the address:

“The Artisan House” 10/108, CSI Church St, Jaya Nagar, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116.

Also, don't forget to bring pizza to the party!