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The current system wasn’t built for the realities! So we’re changing the game and inviting you to be a part of it.

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Current opening at icrewsystems

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Web Development

Description: You will work as a web development intern for a stipulated period. This internship is flexible. Paid internships available based on candidates qualifications and our requirements

Requirement: PHP, JS, SQL, (Preferably Laravel)

Location: Work From Home

Junior Developer
Web Development

Description: You will work as a junior developer under the web engineering department of icrewsystems in various international projects. Exciting perks, flexible work hours and career growth stimulating environment.

Requirement: Laravel, Vue.js, PhpMyAdmin

Location: HQ, Chennai, IN

Content Writer
Digital Media

Description: You will work as a part time content editor. We would require you to produce high quality reading material regarding aviation, technology and a few other topics for our blog & social media accounts.

Requirement: Social media operating skills. Proficiency in English is mandatory.

Location: Work from Home

Graphic Designer
Digital Media

Description: You will be creating eccentric digital graphics for our clients in various fields using latest design trends. Mostly, for Virtual Airlines. You will be creating Vectors, Logos, Illustrations, Isometrics et-cetera. Paid internships available based on candidates qualifications and our requirements

Requirement: Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Location: Work from Home

Project Lead
Web Engineering

Description: Mentor and lead a team of junior developers. Take up system analysis, design, documenting responsibilities, and get it done in time. Perform code analyzing and reading exercises for current and previous projects. Will lead developers; Involve in the coding activities besides the team management role. Review projects to identify bottlenecks, bugs, performance issues, and involve the team to study and learn from existing projects. Must be able to advise ways and means to obtain performance metrics of applications and optimize applications. Must possess excellent attention to detail and be able to familiarize and quickly learn new Software/ framework/ languages/ technology with ease. Must be able to apply innovative thinking at work.

Requirement: Laravel (atleast 1 year), Vue.JS, Bootstrap 4, Node.JS, Git, CI/CD

Location: HeadQuarters (Chennai), Remote

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