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Virtual Airline Services

Build your own professional Virtual Airline from scratch with the help of iCrew™

We've been around for a while...

We've been building Virtual Airline Websites since 2014. Trust us when we say we've got ALOT of experience in building professional Virtual Airline Websites. We offer a number of services for Virtual Airlines like Custom Skining, Custom Module Development, Mobile App development etc.

phpVMS Classic

Although phpVMS was originally developed in 2007, the last major update was released in 2015. All of our modules and skins are based of phpVMS 5.5.X and we officially support Version 5.5.X (Simpilot)


phpvms7 is under active development. Although the software is still in BETA, we have officially begun our services such as skinning & custom module design for phpvms7.


VAOS is another Virtual Airline Management software which is currently under Beta stages, also built on Laravel. We offer custom skinning & custom module design for VAOS.

Wordpress Hosting

Build A Virtual Airline

Planning to start a Virtual Airline? We provide the A to Z services required to start an amazing Virtual Airline.


Worlds most used Virtual Airline framework written from scratch which is mastered by our engineers. phpVMS is very much customizable, which makes it unique from it's competitors.

Integrate iCrew™

is iCrew the worlds most advanced pilot crew center? The facts do suggest so! See this forum post. With over 13827 downloads from phpVMS from and Github, and 29 global adopters (as of 2019) for iCrew v4, we dare to say, iCrew is the most advanced pilot crew center.

Frontend Design

99% of the time, if a user is impressed by a sleek and modern frontend landing page to your Virtual Airline, he will join it. At icrewsystems we have some of the country's best designers in house, so we really do mean when we say "sleek and modern". Take a look at our showcase to see our work.

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